Our History

Everything started in 1979 – just like at a large personal computer company in a garage. But here, a certain rib plays a role. A major role as it turns out throughout the years. All came down to tretfod-Interland, a carpet made of goat hair produced with a very characteristic rib-structure. But, goat hair is expensive – and – the rib-structure requires a particular kind of fabrication technique. However, Volkmar Markus was confident that there had to be a way to produce an exhibition carpet with most of the positive attributes but just not made of goat hair. Said, tested, done – BOMA Rips became the forefather of a whole flooring range. Starting from there, the base model – Fair Rips – became the exhibition carpet.

The young startup grows and the sports fan Volkmar Markus is looking out for support to handle the foreign demand. After all, business is where your customers are and exhibition companies as well as  stand builders are going international. Fortunately, one of Volkmar’s surf buddy’s works as a consultant and headhunter who now had the task to find the right personality for the job. The guy didn’t hesitate and in 1982 he himself joined the company. Volkmar Markus and Hary Roelen since then direct the company as managing partners – their passion for sports persists.

Meanwhile, the second generation of partners came to life at Markus. Christof Schirm and Martin Lenart joined the managing team in 2004.

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